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The Item Shop

Hello Robocrafters!

As many of you may know, we are designing Robocraft 2 with the intention of keeping gameplay features accessible to all. We have no intention to lock players out of using functional parts, no plans to ever introduce premium ammo and no interest in bringing back Loot Boxes.

All purchasable items in Robocraft 2 will be cosmetic. Those who do purchase any item actively support the development of the game so that we can pay for servers, staff and create more content for everyone!

The Battle Matrix is our seasonal cosmetic event which offers the best value for players. So much so, that if you complete the entire battle matrix, the Galaxy Cash you spent on it originally is returned in full and the next season is technically free. Many of the items* in the battle matrix will be available to purchase at a later date, but it will cost significantly more to do so.

There’s one more area to purchase cosmetic items and that is called the Item Shop

The item shop is a premium cosmetic store that will have a number of cosmetic items rotating daily. There will be a lot of items seen from previous Battle Matrixes but also a number of items that will debut and only be available from the item shop.

In Robocraft 1 the item shop continued to populate with any items you didn’t already have at random. It meant that every player saw different items and caused some confusion about when particular items were available. In Robocraft 2, everyone will see the exact same items, so we can post announcements when an item is available.

The Item shop for the next update will feature a number of new cosmetic items for purchase… One of which we teased a couple of days ago

This is the Duality Rosette, a cosmetic skin for the QMG. which features a rainbow pattern, stickers and of course a BFF bracelet!

Here are some further close-up images of the details of this weapon

This weapon has a counterpart to its cute rainbow appearance, The Duality Gysteria!

And a few closeups of this cosmetic Skin!

Alongside the “Duality” QMG’s there is also a selection of new player character skins, avatars, frames and colour palettes. Each day the shop will refresh. We have a small amount of items at first but there will be hundreds in the future.

*We will let you know if an item will not be available in the item shop as an “Exclusive” item… Currently, the only exclusive items in game are the Gold Founder variants of the Switch Plate, Cray Skin and QMG”

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