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The Judicator Takes Flight - Update Now Live

Hello Robocrafters!

It’s update time! We’ve had a number of players that felt our wheel changes were too powerful so we’ve been looking at the force we’ve been applying and made some adjustments and fixes to further improve their overall feel!

Additionally, a new powerful robocraft has been spotted on Ma’adim Terminus!

It is called the Judicator!

Unlike other powerful robocraft, this one is airborne and features a very heavily protected undercoating to absorb as much damage as possible. However, it has one weakness, the upper half of the Judicator is made of much weaker material, this encourages pilots to keep the Judicator flying high to protect the pilots inside.

It is equipped with 4 front-facing laser weapons for the driver and 6 plasmas for the gunner.

Below are the full patch notes for this update!

Changes & Bug Fixes

More server optimization

Further changes to wheel anti-roll

  • Slightly less force applied

  • Tweaked way force works when on slopes

  • No longer creates flight with forces at certain orientations

Fixed an error that could occur when clicking as you reach the intro screens

Changed the frequency at which the powerful Robocraft VOs play

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