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The Marauder Returns - Game Update Out Now

It is update day! What does that mean? Well, the big news is that we went back to the drawing board with the Marauder and began working on a ton of changes to it which will make it a fearsome robocraft in battle.

Welcome Back Marauder To Helas Basin!

The Marauder’s external shell has been upgraded and is now sporting a sturdy unobtanium layer that can withstand a great onslaught of damage.

The main driver will have access to four front facing plasma cannons, this is twice the damage output of a standard robocraft.

The gunner however will be sporting a combination of weapons as it will be equipped with 4 lasers and a rail gun.

A single click of the mouse will fire all lasers and the railgun at the same time. This is a combination NEVER seen before in Robocraft and makes the turret deadly at long range but also able to defend themselves against nearby robocraft.

The major drawback for the railgun has been its difficulty to finish their opponent off when they deseat them… combined with the lasers, they are more efficient at finishing their opponents off.

With the changes to re-assembly (check below) a deseated player has more opportunities to reassemble their robocraft back into battle. So you’re going to want to finish them off!

Now, finally… the Marauder has one more change…

The Marauder is no longer a hover class robocraft. It is now equipped with small wheels and has improved manoeuvrability. Hover class robocraft will return in the future, but when we are comfortable implementing hover blades.

The Marauder is not as fast as the subordinator but it should feel distinctly different to operate. One of its core features is its ability to manoeuvre while on the spot.

Sort of reminds you of a certain upcoming movement part doesn’t it?


Additionally, there have been some improvements to the Re-assembly mechanic.

Firstly, loose parts will no longer reset the cool down if you collide them with your own Robocraft. This fixes an issue where player’s re-assemble timers were being reset when they should not have been.

Secondly, if you manage to escape from combat and travel a good distance away from loose debris of your robocraft. The enemy will no longer be able to reset your cooldown by firing at loose debris you have left behind.

And thirdly if you are able to kill an enemy but take damage instantly after, it will no longer reset the cooldown. There will be a brief time where you can press R to re-assemble before damage taken resets your cooldown. This can be particularly useful for machines like Chompers that are able to destroy anyone that gets too close to them.

Other changes

There have been a number of players that have been using an exploit with clusters to create ridiculously speedy heavyweight robocraft. We’ve made some adjustments to our code and now torque is calculated based on the weight of the entire bay, NOT just the cluster they are attached to.

We have eliminated edgewear from illuminum materials as we had a number of requests to do this since we made the last edgewear changes.

If you have a PC capable of running Robocraft 2 above 120FPS, the FPS slider now has the option to be ‘unlimited’. We’ve also added a number of commonly used refresh rate steps to the selection too.

The QMG has received an update which will help improve its accuracy. While firing from the hip, the QMG’s accuracy will be no different than it was before this update. But if you use the right mouse to zoom in, you’ll be 100% accurate!

Bug Fixes

  • More server crash fixes

  • Potential fixes for players being kicked from the server with error code 2024

  • Added more logging to debug issues with players being placed on the wrong team

  • Fixed Robocraft spawning partially in the ground when reassembling at angles/upside down

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the switchplate UI to remain stuck an unresponsive in multiplayer

  • Fixed an error that could occur when dragging empty precon slots onto the hotbar

  • Fixed screeching/scraping audio that could loop after quitting to the menu

  • Players can no longer enter seats through enemy forcefields

  • Players can no longer reassemble through an enemy forcefield

  • Fixed outliner in material mode showing inconsistent green/orange outlines in mirror mode

  • Fix for input locking up after closing the save confirmation UI with ESC

  • Fix for swapping fullscreen/windowed settings causing the wrong resolution to be assigned

  • Markup tags now allowed in CRF descriptions

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