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The Quantum Machine Gun

The Quantum Machine Gun 02.12.2022 The Quantum Machine Gun (QMG), is a huge addition to the world of Robocraft and allows for an extra last stand against the enemy team when your Robot has been obliterated. Since we began sharing videos, you might have noticed Cray was holding something, but it was always just out of focus.

The QMG will be the first handheld weapon for player characters while on foot. It is nowhere near as powerful as a traditional weapon on a machine, but it is very effective against other players on foot. Holding the right mouse button while firing will provide more accuracy, but your player will move slower while doing so.

Damage per shot - 5

Recharge 0.1 50 damage per second Here are the stats for 6x Laser Autocanons Damage per shot - 7 Recharge - 0.083 84 Damage per second

The QMG works best in pilot-to-pilot combat situations while both pilots are on foot. While on foot you are extremely vulnerable and will need to decide whether to try and fight or to recall back to base and respawn your robot.

NB: In our in-studio tests we found that trying to attack a Robot on foot with a QMG is normally a bad idea. You are so exposed, slow and weak relative to Robot that you come off worse. Normally the pilot is hidden somewhere in the Robot and your QMG shots cannot get to him so you end up getting killed or run over.

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