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Upcoming Online Battle Test this Weekend

Hello everyone,

We are planning an online multiplayer session this weekend! Our objective is to get quick feedback from players based on a number of changes that we have made. It will be a relatively limited testing window but we would really appreciate seeing as many of you as possible join us for these online tests.

We are also planning to fix many of the crashes that have been reported in the last playtest so watch out for an update later this week.

Here are a number of changes we’re making to Hela’s basin based on player feedback

  • Towers must be destroyed in order starting from A to B, and then the reactor

  • Removed manable turrets near the fusion towers.

  • Lowered the large doors to stop towers from being hit from a distance

  • Improved Marauder turrets to give them a better range of angles to attack

  • Increased the speed of the Marauder

  • Increased max ceiling

  • Added an indestructible defending manable turret with 12 lasers

The online battle test will be active at the following times and will last approximately two hours:


Friday 9th of June 15:00 UTC


Friday 9th of June 22:00 UTC

We have added two events to the Discord that you can register your interest in too! This should send you a reminder once online is live so that you can join in on the online battle test.

If you have been invited to a Playtest via Steam before... we will activate the Steam Playtest for this test. But we will not be inviting any new Steam players via Steam at this time. More invites will likely be sent out for the next BIG update

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be revealing more details regarding the next BIG update! So stay tuned!

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