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Updated: Feb 2

Updated 01.02.2023

The Update is now live! Please go to to download it for free!

Original post 31.01.2023:

Hello Robocrafters

Tomorrow will be the first update of 2023 for Robocraft 2! We have some huge plans for Robocraft 2 this year and can't wait for you all to be on this development journey with us!

On the 5th of February, we will be launching the first North American Server test for Robocraft 2. This is our first step towards opening the game up to more players across the world and more regular online sessions for everyone.

Open Matchmaking

Unlike previous tests, anyone can play provided that they get under 100 Ping to either of our EU or NA servers! We will be opening up more regions at a later date so do stay tuned!

We will still be on a planned schedule so that we can matchmake a large number of players. Our next scheduled test times are below:

If you’d like to know if your ping will allow you to play the next online test, please visit the website below and initiate a ping test to the following two servers:

[US] Hillsboro

[FR] Gravelines

For this test we'll be running EU and NA servers concurrently. If you have under 100ms ping to either servers you may be matchmade into either region depending on where more players are needed at the time!

Make sure your bots are ready before the test!

New Material type

Introducing our very first cosmetic material type, Illuminum! If you’re looking for that #GlowUp, this is the material you’re gonna want to use! Illuminum is not only fun to say, but it will emit a glow when placed on your machine. This material can be coloured and will help make your robot stand out from the crowd!

This is a cosmetic variant of Moderonium, so it will behave exactly the same in terms of connection strength and weight.

There will be more cosmetic materials in the future!

Streamlining Engines

Technology has improved so much that in Robocraft 2, you no longer need to wire up a physical engine to get wheels to function.

Existing robots will have the engine replaced by a single Moderonium cube. Those who used more resources than intended and created multi-engine robots will find that their robots will perform differently. You may need to do some slight adjustments to your machines before going online to battle.

Engines currently will maintain their automatic gearing, but these may be removed at a later date.

Wheel Rigs and Wheels Combine!

Another major change is that wheels no longer need a separate wheel rig part to be placed, they are now joined together to form one single part. Everyone’s robots should be updated and you should see no difference in function. In fact for vehicles with 4 wheels, you will see an extra 5 CPU… But anyone with 6 wheeled robots, will lose 5CPU.

We are planning for other movement types like Tank Tracks which we anticipate will be the main movement part used for heavier robots that need extra power to get moving.

Weight Changes

We fixed a couple of inconsistencies with the mass of parts. There were a number of stats which were much heavier than intended.

  • Seat reduced from 100Kg to 50Kg

  • Wheel reduced from 200Kg to 100Kg

  • Laser increased from 37Kg to 40Kg

  • Plasma Explosive increased from 29Kg to 30Kg

  • Joints reduced from 50Kg to 5Kg

  • Headlamps reduced from 1Kg & 3Kg to 0.9Kg and 1.8Kg

Bots that previously used a lot of joints should now be much lighter! We’re looking forward to seeing how this will affect the hopper bots that we’ve seen players create over the last few weeks

Hela’s Basin map changes

The warring factions on Hela’s Basin have made a notable number of changes during a ceasefire. Most notably, the automatic defence system has been replaced with a new defence turret system which is entirely controlled by a pilot.

This tower houses a single pilot seat, which controls the use of two separate powerful turrets. These can be used to defend your base from an enemy attack. Check them out in action in the video below:

There have also been additional changes surrounding each team's reactor core.

New test map with ultra-fast loading times!

We know that there were a few players who were spending a lot of time tinkering with all manner of engineering decisions to create their own robot and we felt that the loading time between build and simulation could be improved upon.

Whilst we are working on optimisations for the maps in general, we have created a very basic flat surface map which loads on our low-spec PC within 4 seconds and runs at 100FPS.

Load test optimisations for Hela’s Basin and Robot Design & Test Centre

We have also optimised the loading times for testing on both the Robot Design & test Centre map as well as Hela’s Basin. In fact, from our own low-spec test machine, we’ve seen loading times cut in half, or even more!

  • Hela’s Basin reduced from 1 minute and 40 seconds to 40 seconds

  • Robot Design & test centre reduced from 40 seconds to 20 seconds

Those with higher-performing machines should see quicker load times too.

Note: Your first load into a map will take the longest, but any subsequent loads after making changes in build mode should see an improvement.

Other changes

  • All logic block connections are now 1.5x stronger

  • Improved friction on Robot Design & Test Centre test map to better match Hela’s Basin

  • Removed short variants of the Laser and Plasma

  • Adjusted the remaining laser and plasma weapon names, and rebalanced their stats.

  • Updates to the ghost block shader to make it easier to see where parts are being placed.

  • Improved loading messaging in the multiplayer lobby

  • Names and progress bars appear much sooner and are more accurate

  • Adding dynamic music to matchmaking flow

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes for errors and crashes during multiplayer

  • Fixed a couple of errors that could occur when entering test mode simulation

  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple Robots to spawn in test mode

  • Fixed an error that could occur when creating and selecting precons

  • Fixed an error that could occur when trying to quit during the login flow

  • Fixed an error that could occur when using MMB to copy a part with a label, then copy another block

  • Fixed VFX offset on the QMG

  • 3D HUD icons for Towers and Reactors are now anchored correctly at distance

  • Fixed a bug where pistons would not extend after respawning a robot

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pistons from retracting with negative inputs

  • Fixes for some of the mars landscape colliders

  • CRF in simulation now shows Robot stats

  • Fixed an error when activating multiple decouplers at once

  • Fixed a bug where the inventory could not show part names when searching

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Area Sensor moving position when shifting the robot

  • Allied switchplates now correctly block character and robots from entering

  • Character no longer plays the ‘walking’ animation when interacting with a switch plate

  • Fixed a bug where swapping between precons could display the wrong one

  • MMB when copying a material now plays audio

  • Wheel rigs no longer activate their break input on negative signals

  • Potential fix for not being able to close the CRF UI in simulation

  • Potential fixes for character being launched when exiting a seat

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