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Update Live - Steam Next Fest Plans And Hello Benny!

Hello Robocrafters!

An update has just gone live which features a number of important fixes and polish. Check the bottom of this announcement for the patch notes!


We wanted to let you know about our plans for the next few weeks as we get closer to Steam Next Fest.

As you may know, Steam Next fest is a huge event which will see thousands of players trying out a variety of titles that offer free demos. Robocraft 2 will be releasing a demo during this event and we will see a bunch of new players throughout this time. It’s very important for us as a studio and we are looking forward to seeing what players think of the game and some of the incredible creations they will create.

During this time, it would be really helpful if many of you choose to play the game via the Demo on Steam. There are a lot of benefits in doing this and you can use the same account you use on the launcher if you use the same account details. If anyone wants to help some of the newbies in the Steam discussions, that would be really helpful too! We should see an increase of players even joining the Discord.

Starting October 9th there will be a new cosmetic island on the Battle Matrix which is available completely free to all players during Next Fest. You can earn these both via the demo on Steam and the launcher. This island will be active until the the end of this season so there will be plenty of time to earn these items.

Additionally, servers will be online 24 hours a day from the 28th of September until 16th of October! We still have over 45,000 playtesters waiting to play the game and will be steadily inviting them in to play the game from the 28th of September.

A New Jammer Appears!

We’d also like to take this moment to welcome Benny to the team! They are joining us as a programmer and are currently working on the new crosshair system that we revealed in an earlier blog post. Please give them a warm welcome!

Below are the patch notes for today’s update!

Patch Notes

Server Optimisation

CPU improvements, aimed at reducing spikes and performance degradation over time

Wheel Improvements

Anti-roll mechanic which should keep ground Robocraft more stable, less springy/floaty.

Updated Trailer & Updated splash screens

Bug Fixes

  • More server crash fixes relating to Robocraft switching & Reassembly

  • Changes to error codes for disconnections/server errors

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