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Hello Robocrafters!

A new update has just gone live! This includes a number of important fixes and the return of an overhauled Hela’s Basin in preparation for online multiplayer later this week!

The layout has been reworked to include a new mid area

The old mid-section of the map funnelled players into two separate lanes, we felt that this led to fewer clashes between teams and encouraged players to rush the towers.

We have also added four new structures to the map

The old version of Hela’s Basin was not designed with flyers in mind. This meant that they were very exposed and would have resulted in games ending early as fliers would attack towers from a great distance.

Unlike Iana Chaos’ buildings, these buildings have two floors.

The second floor houses a powerful sentry turret that can be manned by the defending team.

Protonium towers now spin faster at the start of the match, but will gradually slow down over time. This was to help deter Tower rush tactics.

Unlike Iana Chaos the two fusion towers of each team are unlocked from the start and also unlike Iana Chaos, the final objective (The fusion Reactor) can only be attacked once both enemies' fusion towers are destroyed.

A new powerful robot called the Marauder (named by Discord user Loading…) will spawn on Hela’s basin when a full tower of destruction has been dealt. This means if you destroy one tower, the enemy will spawn in the Marauder… If you destroy two towers 50%, a marauder will also spawn for the enemy team!

The Marauder is equipped with a tough external shell made from Unobtanium which will make it very difficult to tear apart. It is equipped with two front front-facing plasma weapons, but when used with another player, the second pilot will operate a turret equipped with 14 lasers

The Marauder is a little bit difficult to attack with chomper machines due to its hover ability. However, we expect that players will find other interesting tactics against this powerful robot.


We have fixed a number of bugs and have made some improvements to the camera system.

See below for full Patch Notes:

Balance Changes


  • Projectile speed increased from 550 to 600

Bug Fixes & Other Changes

  • Fix for a CTD that can happen when returning from simulation

  • Fix for a CTD that can happen when placing and deleting blocks

  • Fix for a CTD that can happen when connecting to a server or selecting a Robocraft

  • Fixed issues with the camera jittering around inside the Robocraft

  • Fixed a bug with the camera that caused wheeled bots to have a higher offset than intended

  • Fixed a bug with joints when clusters have been split into separate parts

  • Fixed an error that could occur when opening the ESC menu while building and performing certain actions

  • Fixed an issue with the colour palette swapping the colours in slot 2 & 3 in new save files

  • ‘Cancel’ on the switchplate has been changed to ‘Close’ and should no longer prevent Robocraft from spawning in

  • Potential fixes for server crashes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed parts to be scaled above 9x9x9

  • Fixed a couple of mirror related issues with 2x1 logic blocks

Multiplayer Test Times

The next series of online battle tests will start this weekend!

EU Online Battle Times

Friday 26th of May: 15:00 - 17:00 UTC

Saturday 27th of May: 15:00 - 17:00 UTC

NA Online Battle Times

Friday 26th of May: 22:00 - 00:00 UTC

Saturday 27th of May: 22:00 - 00:00 UTC

QMG Weapon Codes coming this Friday

This Friday, we’ll be re-releasing Founders QMG codes as an announcement on the Robocraft 2 discord. We’ll also have a limited-use code for the Golden QMG too!

Stay tuned for more info and hope to see a bunch of you online later this week!

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