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Welcome To Ma'adim Terminus - New Map Now Live

Hello Robocrafters!

This is a screenshot from a new map named Ma’adim Terminus. This particular map features more verticality than any of the previous maps. But it also comes with its own style of objectives. We are expecting to launch this map TOMORROW and it will be playable this weekend for online multiplayer.

The map features three control points which are neutral by default. At each location is a fusion tower. These can be turned into your team's colour if you fired the last damaging shot to the crystal.

Once you own a control point, you must defend it! Staying close to the tower will allow the shields to stay active and protect it from enemy damage.

But if an enemy manages to destroy all crystals on the tower, it will change to their colour and they will need to defend it.

The fusion tower is now under the control of the red team! You’ll need to shoot the crystals off this fusion tower to reclaim it back under your control. But of course, if an enemy is nearby, the tower’s shield defence will activate and you will not be able to deal damage to the crystals.

To win, your team must earn a number of points. Points are given to each team based on the number of towers they own. So the more towers you own, the more points you’ll receive.

Additionally, the trusty Subordinator makes a return in this map but due to budget constraints, it is only available in dire circumstances to the losing team.

If the enemy has 15% more points than you, the subordinator will spawn for your team to give you an opportunity to get back in the game.

If after the Subordinator has spawned your team gets back into the lead at any point in the match, the Subordinator will then instantly spawn for the other team to keep things fair.

After the first five minutes, any points you earn by controlling towers are increased by 20 percent. After 10 minutes towers will provide 40% increase in points. This is done to help encourage the losing team to make a last push!

Ma’adim Terminus will be the ONLY map playable this weekend. We’d like to see what you all think of the new objectives and are looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Check out a short video revealing some of the locations on Ma'adim Terminus

Check the in-game calendar to see this week's battle test times!

Patch Notes

  • Added a new Map, this includes a 3CP objective where players fight for control of each control point.

  • Potential fix for a bug that caused players to spawn on the wrong team

  • Fixed a number of client & server crashes

  • Fixed a visual issue that could cause the ghost cube to show multiple parts selected

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