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Preview is a separate branch of Techblox that will allow you to try out upcoming new features and additions to the game before they are made available on main!
On the far left of the Techblox launcher you will see two selectable games:

- Techblox = Current main version of the game
- Techblox Preview = Current in-test version of the game with new in-development features

Each branch will keep the following separate:
- Cloud saves for Machines and Worlds
- Progression and unlocks
- Local save data like Blueprints and Hotbars

A preview branch was something that we always wanted to have in Robocraft, but never managed to get it in place. This will allow those in the community who want to help give feedback on new features and balance changes etc. without it affecting the wider community playing the main version of the game.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch via any of the socials below:



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