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Thank you For Downloading Techblox!

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Your download should start automatically. If it has not, please click here to activate the download.


If the download still does not initiate, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser:


Follow the steps below to install the Techblox Launcher and the Techblox Game


Once the download has finished, please open the Techblox_Launcher_Installer.exe file


You will see a window pop up that will ask you if you want the application to make changes to your device. Select yes to install the launcher.


The launcher will then open and ask you to select a location to install the launcher files


The launcher will then download the files needed to complete the launcher installation. Once complete, a window will open which will ask if you want to run the Techblox launcher.


After installing the Techblox launcher, it will check to see if there were any updates for the launcher or the game. The launcher window will then open


You can install the game via the game launcher by clicking the big green INSTALL button in the lower right corner. A window will open asking you to choose the installation directory of the game:


Once Techblox has loaded it will require you to sign in to an epic account, which in the future will store your creations, progress and currency. If you do not have an Epic account, you can create one by signing into one of several services:


After signing in, the next time you run the game it will automatically log you in, unless you haven’t played in a while, in which case you will have to login again.

Please enjoy playing Techblox, if you come across any issues, please contact us by clicking here

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