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This post is designed to help users understand the Robocraft 2 health and damage system as it differs from the one in Robocraft 1

How does it work?

The Health System

The robocraft 2 health system is analogous to welding pieces of metal together:

Two blocks overlap and the orange line shows the welded edge where they join

The strength of your robocraft is determined by the strength of the welds between the blocks.

NB: In Robocraft 2, the blocks do not have health (as in RC1), instead it is the connections between the blocks that have health

Unlike RC1, RC2 health is based on the strength of the connections between two blocks

Connection Health
Connection health is based on Weld Perimeter Length and Material Connection Strength:

Connection Health = Weld Perimeter Length x Material Connection Strength

Weld Perimeter Length
Weld perimeter length is the length of the edge that connects the two blocks together (an example is shown with an orange line in the image below):

Weld perimeter length is shown in the orange line

Material Connection Strength
The Material Connection Strength is determined by the Connection Strength value of the materials of the two blocks being connected together (i.e. Ladium is strong and Airium is weak). The Connection Strength value of each material is shown in the Inventory:

The connection strength of Moderonium is 2.65

The Material Connection Strength value used to calculate health is the average Connection Strength of the two connected materials.

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