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Temporary solution for update error

We're currently experiencing some issues with the update process in the launcher but we wanted to get this update in your hands while we work on a fix for this.


This will not affect fresh installs but anyone who has played the previous version of Techblox will run into this issue.


The initial update isn't correctly identifying all of the files that have changed so it will not download them. To ensure you don't experience any errors or issues you'll need to run a "Repair", which will force an update of every file, allowing you to play the latest patch.


Please follow these instructions before launching Techblox otherwise you will most likely receive an error as soon as you attempt to create or load a save.


When you open the launcher you'll have an UPDATE button.


Click this to start the update and let it finish.


Once this is done. Click the Options dropdown above it, then click Repair.

image (23).png

This will restart the download.


Once that's finished you'll be able to hop in and start driving your creations!

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